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#tide ocean material plastic collection


Real progress is only possible by working together. This is especially true for a complex matter like plastic pollution. This crisis has so many layers – consists of so many interconnected and highly intricate problems – one single company can't even begin to tackle it. Which is why we built our business around an ecosystem of strong partnerships. Collaboration is central to us, because there's nothing more powerful than likeminded people working passionately and in unison towards a single goal: to free our beloved oceans from the plaque of plastic pollution.

#tide ocean material upcycling plastic recycling

Technology Partner

Swiss University of Applied Sciences

Our collaboration with the Swiss Institute for Materials Engineering and Plastics Processing (IWK, OST) dates right back to the beginning of #tide® ocean. It was with them that we developed our unique process of mechanical upcycling. To this day, we work with IWK to further develop our technology, investigate new applications or broaden the spectrum of possibilities of #tide® ocean material.

#tide ocean material Jan & Oscar Foundation social impact

Social Enterprise

Jan & Oscar Foundation

Ranong Recycle for Environment is a Social Enterprise located at the Andaman coast in Thailand. It was implemented by the Swiss non-profit Jan & Oscar Foundation with #tide® as their main partner.

We work with them closely to collect ocean-bound plastic waste from several islands and the coastal area in the Ranong Region as well as creating a social impact through job creation, fair payment and provision of housing.

#tide ocean material blockchain solution traceability transparency

Tracking Partner


Oslo-based Empower is a leading provider of blockchain-based tracking technology. With them, we have digitized our supply-chain and are now able to provide fully traceable materials. From collection to final delivery, every step of the process is tracked and secured publicly. Empower are our partner of choice to become the most transparent and trusted label of upcycled ocean-bound plastic.

Traceability is key