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#tide ocean material plastic collection


Real progress is only possible by working together. This is especially true for a complex matter like plastic pollution. This crisis has so many layers – consists of so many interconnected and highly intricate problems – one single company can't even begin to tackle it. Which is why we built our business around an ecosystem of strong partnerships. Collaboration is central to us, because there's nothing more powerful than likeminded people working passionately and in unison towards a single goal: to free our beloved oceans from the plague of plastic pollution.

Impact Partners

Social & Environmental



help alliance

help alliance, the relief organization of the Lufthansa Group, is committed to funding projects focusing on social and environmental sustainability. Much like #tide, the non-profit organization's main goal is to improve living conditions all over the globe and to open new perspectives to people.

We are very pleased that the help alliance, at the initiative of the Swiss holiday airline Edelweiss, is supporting the development of our project on the Costa Maya in Mexico. #tide will receive substantial support from help alliance. The funds will be used to pay local people to collect plastic, to build waste management infrastructure as well as a local sorting center.

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