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The Road to 1 Billion Bottles

We have pledged to save 1 billion bottles from polluting the ocean by the year 2025. You can help us get there!

  • #tide ocean material_Maurice Lacroix_AIKON #TIDE Beach clean-up

  • #tide ocean material_Maurice Lacroix_ beach cleanup

#tide’s ultimate goal is to free the oceans from plastic pollution. To accelerate the progress,  #tide has started a new initiative: The road to 1 billion bottles. We pledge to save this amount of plastic until the year 2025. And we can use you help.

This program gives everyone the possibility of playing a part in closing the circle of plastic waste pollution and actively contribute to #tide’s environmental and social impact.

Become a contributor and active partner on our journey to collect 1 billion bottles by 2025. The initiative enables corporations, brands and manufacturers to commit to saving either 1, 3, 5 or 10 million bottles from polluting the ocean. The contribution can be structured as a one-off or as an annual commitment.

Join the fight against plastic pollution

Each contribution has helped save marine life, improve the quality of life of plastic collectors in Thailand, and build the future of plastic circularity.

As an active contributor, you will:

  • Support ocean-bound plastic collection activities along the coastlines of Southeast Asia.

  • Protect marine life and create a social impact by improving the life of the people who work hard to fight plastic pollution.

  • Gain exposure on #tide’s website by being mentioned as an active contributor.

  • Receive unique visual and textual materials related to your contribution.

  • Obtain an official certificate highlighting the specificities of your participation.

#tide ocean material collecting plastic

Want to make a contribution?


These companies are going the extra mile to fight plastic pollution. This is how they contributed to our Road to 1 Billion Bottles.