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The sustainable Spaghetti chair

May 18, 2022

Doing good while hanging out? Here you are! The Spaghetti chair is a design classic in which you probably already spent a few hours of your life. It’s simple yet ingenious, comfortable and popular.

40 years after this garden chair was invented, traditional Swiss furniture manufacturer Schaffner AG re-issues the Spaghetti chair in a sustainable version: equipped with OceanYarn by Meister & Cie AG which is made from our #tide ocean material®.

Schaffner Spaghetti Chair Säntis OceanYarn tide ocean material

The original idea for this chair came from the Italian industrial designer Giandomenico Belotti, who introduced the Spaghetti chair in 1979. In the 1980's, the design conquered the furniture market and today it's impossible to imagine a world without this chair. It has even found its place in the exclusive Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York.

Swiss company Schaffner is specialized in high quality garden furniture. They offer this masterpiece of furniture design already for a long time and in different variants.

We are very pleased that this design classic now hits the market with cords made from our upcycled ocean-bound plastic. The OceanYarn edition of the Schaffner chair Säntis comes with a synthetic fiber of 4 mm diameter. This new edition of the spaghetti chair is tested for outdoor use and comes in different lively colors.

Are you ready for summertime, too?