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Fisherman collecting plastic in the Ocean for #tide ocean material

Giving Plastic Waste A Value

Reusing ocean-bound plastic to produce premium raw materials for sustainable products. Sounds like a good idea, right?

#tide ocean material® is an award-winning material resource that comes in the form of granules for plastic injection, yarn for textile applications, and filament for 3D printing.

#tide ocean material® can be applied to an endless variety of durable products: from watches to furniture, automotive parts to apparel, consumer electronics to carpets or sports floors and construction. There is literally no limit to what can be achieved with #tide ocean material®.

The upcycled plastic waste from the ocean and coastlines has been used to create high-quality products by reputable brands such as Maurice Lacroix, Tom Ford, Hugo Boss, Winter & Company or Yamamay.

#tide has also developed a series of proprietary OceanProducts, such as the OceanMug, a reusable coffee mug, or the OceanDomino.

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  • 50+

    To this day, more than 50 global brands have used #tide ocean material® in their products.

  • 0%

    The percentage of virgin plastic present in #tide ocean material®.

  • 80%

    #tide's upcycling process produces up to 80% less CO2 emissions than producing virgin plastics.

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our story

Who is #tide?

Tide Ocean SA is a Swiss company with offices in Basel, Lengnau, Ranong and Hong Kong. Originally connected to the Swiss Watchmaking Industry through its mother company Braloba Group, #tide was founded when Thomas Schori was looking into the possibility of using ocean plastic for watchstraps. He found out that no such thing had been attempted yet.

A truly innovative entrepreneur, Thomas Schori set out to do what had never been done before: Making watch straps out of upcycled plastic waste. Together with the Swiss University of Applied Sciences, he started research on the damages of ocean plastic and its transformation into a premium raw material for safe and durable goods.

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Our impact

#tide works closely with local communities to close the circle of plastic waste pollution. We organize beach clean-ups and pay fair wages to wastepickers and fishermen collecting plastics. Thus, we not only secure ourself a steady source of raw material, but we also help set up a resilient waste management infrastructure with high involvement of the local population. This is the first and most important step on the long path to solving our world's plastic pollution.

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#tide ocean material scientific solution to plastic pollution

Our solution

We are bringing ocean-bound plastic waste back to life as a valuable resource. Our award-winning #tide ocean material® has been developed in close partnership with the Swiss University and has been certified according to industry standards. The pellets are ready for the manufacturing process. Thanks to our target oriented compounding, an infinite number of applications is possible – for durable, safe and sustainable products.

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Road to 1 Billion Bottles

This program gives everyone the possibility to help close the circle of plastic waste pollution and actively contribute to #tide’s environmental and social impact.

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