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How we create value

#tide stands for impact. We believe a business is only sustainable if it's a benefit for everyone: The workers, the brands, the consumers and the environment.

#tide ocean material plastic pollution

Environmental Impact

Waste collection & prevention

Collecting ocean-bound plastic is in itself a service to the environment. But even more important is to prevent new plastic from ending up in the environment to begin with. That's why we also put a lot of effort towards educational projects and the creation of local waste management infrastructures. Together with our partners we invest in warehouses, collection hubs, and logistics to create long-lasting impact and resilient systems for generations to come.

#tide ocean material social impact

social impact

Job creation & social security

We couldn't do anything without the hardworking people at the front of this issue: The fishermen collecting the plastic and the workers at our social enterprises who sort the waste.

Hence, creating jobs, paying fair wages and in some instances providing housing and assistance with social security is as important to us as is cleaning up the ocean.

Tide Ocean Material Products OceanMug Coffeemug Takeout Mug Coffee Ocean-bound plastic sustainable coffee cup, cup for coffee lovers

Business Impact

Marketing value & authentic storytelling

Our #tide ocean material is a valuable raw material, versatile, long lasting, sustainable. It can replace virgin plastic in many applications, and produces a much smaller footprint.

On top of that, it comes with an authentic and credible story. The Marketing value is unparalleled and we deliver the assets to back it up. Data and insights about plastic pollution are the backbone of every marketing campaign. We provide photos and videos straight from the frontline to substantiate sustainability claims.

#tide ocean material environmental impact

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