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Supply Chain Traceability

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Transparency is everything

With sustainability claims becoming more and more ubiquitous, skepticism towards those claims increased as well. And rightly so. Cases of greenwashing need to be uncovered and widely discussed. Inauthentic or even completely made-up stories of eco-friendly business models and "green" consumer products are damaging those who are actually trying to make a difference.

Transparency has been at the core of Tide Ocean's business model since day one. It is central to building trust and we promise to become the most trusted label of upcycled ocean-bound plastic. Period.

supply chain traceability starts at the very beginning, the moment when the collected plastic is brought in, weighed and registered on the blockchain solution.

Keeping track

For that to happen, we can not only provide a raw material, we need to connect this material with reliable, publicly disclosed tracking data: Our material needs to be fully traceable. To achieve true supply chain traceability, we have formed a strategic partnership with Norwegian tech company Empower, provider of a blockchain solution. Together we are tracking our material flows through every step of the journey: from the moment a piece of ocean-bound plastic waste is picked up by one of our collectors to the moment when the upcycled plastic granules are shipped to our customers. All of this data, including photos, dates, volumes and info about the individual processing steps, is saved on a public blockchain for maximum transparency and security.

With Empower we've found a partner who shares our values and works tirelessly at the forefront of this important issue. It is our mutual goal to provide a state-of-the-art blockchain solution to prove the origin of our ocean-bound material. Actually walking the talk of supply chain traceability. This is another important milestone for #tide to become the world’s Number 1 Label for upcycled ocean-bound plastic.

Empower has established itself as one of the leading providers of tracking technology based on a blockchain solution in the recycled plastic industry. The award-winning company is rapidly growing its ecosystem all over the world and providing supply chain traceability to organizations of all kinds, be it collectors, processors or recyclers.

Adding value

The seamless tracking of our #tide ocean material® from plastic waste to the upcycled granules enables us to provide a material passport documenting the journey the plastic took through our supply chain. Adding more value and credibility for all the stakeholders involved, especially the brands using our material. Using a public blockchain solution adds just another layer of extra transparency.

Every batch of plastic which is being shipped to a #tide® customer has its unique material passport, accessible through a QR code. That way, our materials are fully traceable from the end-product back to where they were collected. True batch-based supply chain traceability creates value for everyone involved and is a cornerstone of the circular economy. Only traceable materials can reliably be recycled. Which is why the European Union – as part of its "green deal" – is putting forward legislation to push the creation and implementation of digital product passports for regulated products such as batteries.

Visualization showing how tide's supply chain tracebility works.

About our partnership with Empower

This is how we track our materials

#tide ocean material supply chain traceability

Step 1


The Tracking starts when the plastic waste is collected by one of our fishermen, for example in Thailand. The collectors register their load on the tracking system with data about volumes, quality and provenance.

#tide ocean material supply chain traceability

Step 2


The plastic waste is then brought to our social enterprise. Every single load they receive is confirmed with a digital handshake on the Empower blockchain solution. The plastic is weighed, pictures are taken, and the collector is paid.

#tide ocean material supply chain traceability

Step 3


At the social enterprise the process of upcycling is set in motion. It all starts with a thorough sorting of the different plastic types. Those processing steps are themselves again registered on the blockchain solution. Volume input and output are documented, discrepancies noted. Because true supply chain traceability accounts for every detail.

#tide ocean material supply chain traceability

Step 4


The sorted and washed plastic is transported to our processing partner who again confirms the reception of the materials via digital handshake on the tracking platform. Then each batch of granules is individually registered and stored on the blockchain including all the relevant data.

#tide ocean material supply chain traceability

Step 5


Once the #tide ocean material leaves our warehouse on it's way to one of our customers, the transaction is stored on the Empower Blockchain solution as well. Each shipment comes with an unique Material Passport, documenting the entire journey the respective plastic has followed along the #tide® supply chain.