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3DDen revolutionizes 3D printing with #tide®

May 31, 2024

3DDen_Eiffel Tower_#tide ocean material_Recycled 3D filament

Is this the first Olympic record this year?

Czech company 3DDen is currently 3D printing a 14-meter version of the Eiffel Tower using #tide’s ocean-bound plastic. The extraordinary monument will be made of 1600 pieces – a record-breaking tribute to Paris in terms of 3D printing. The plastic Eiffel Tower will decorate the Olympic festivities in Prague. 3DDen and #tide unveil even bigger plans for the future, for example printing houses.

3DDen, established in 2022, has rapidly become a leader in large volume, multicolor 3D printing. Based in Prague and operating more than 250 3D printers around the clock, the company is committed to combining 3D printing with various materials, including electronics and metals, to achieve the desired physical properties for their products.

In January 2023, 3DDen embarked on a groundbreaking initiative to produce at least 50% of its future output by using #tide’s ocean-bound rPET. For this reason, 3DDen has developed a proprietary technology to produce 3D filaments directly from #tide’s pellets and a cutting-edge printing method that eliminates the need to dry the filament before use. This innovation enables the company to print at remarkable speeds, approximately 1 kg every three hours.

14-meter-tall Eiffel Tower to celebrate the Olympic Games

A testament to 3DDen’s technological commitment to sustainability is the current project to print a 14-meter-tall Eiffel Tower model for the 2024 Olympic Games. This impressive structure, weighing roughly 2 tons, is made entirely from #tide ocean material, showcasing the potential of #tide’s recycled plastics for complex projects. 

In 2024, 3DDen achieved another significant milestone by becoming an official supplier of the Czech Olympic team. The company is responsible for producing medals, trophies, merchandise, and the Eiffel Tower for the Czech Olympic Committee, solidifying its reputation for excellence and innovation.

“We are very proud of this partnership,” #tide Co-founder Marc Krebs states. “Both companies share the same pioneering spirit when it comes to saving fossil resources and protecting the oceans. We want to prove that the future belongs to recycled plastics and a circular economy.”

3DDen_Honza Hrebabecky_Tide Ocean SA_#tide ocean material_recycled plastic filament

Founder of 3DDEN

Honza Hrebabecky

“I was extremely happy after the first test results: the quality of #tide’s ocean-bound plastic is amazing and the effect of protecting the environment and creating social impact in coastal areas is an additional strength that we wholeheartedly support.”

The Eiffel Tower is just the starting symbol of a long collaboration. 3DDen offers a wide array of products, from wireless phone chargers and sports medals to 3D puzzles, trophies, furniture models, and wall tile decorations.

The impressive Eiffel Tower, which will be inaugurated at the start of the Olympic Games, is not the only demonstration of innovation this summer: 3DDen is pushing the boundaries of 3D printing technology in June, when they will be able to use #tide’s rPET for multicolor prints, featuring RAL color schemes, followed by nonflammable protection in July. At the same time, the company will start production of decoration wall tiles, ideal for hotels and office buildings and offering limitless design possibilities.

When asked about the ultimate vision, Honza Hrebabecky mentions the development of a swarm method for 3D printed houses from #tide ocean material, ensuring that ocean-bound plastic waste is permanently repurposed. The technology, inspired by the cooperative behavior of insects, will commence development in August 2024, with the first structure expected by August 2025.