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Hotelplan Suisse supports #tide's impact program

June 13, 2024

Hotelplan Suisse and Tide Ocean SA launch a partnership.(Nicole Pfammatter, CEO Hotelplan Suisse, Marc Krebs from #tide and Christoph Infanger, Lead Product Manager Asia Travelhouse/Hotelplan Suisse.)

Hotelplan Suisse supports the activities of #tide in Southeast Asia. The well-established Swiss tour operator cares about the protection of the environment and has been supporting social and environmental projects for years. At #tide, we collect, sort, and process ocean-bound plastic in coastal regions that are also popular with Hotelplan guests. It was therefore a natural step for Hotelplan Suisse to join #tide's "Road to 1 Billion Bottles" program.

Workshops, cleanups, recycling

Hotelplan Suisse and its customers are supporting #tide with contributions collected through the delivery of printed travel documents. The proceeds from these fees will be used for projects such as workshops organized by #tide, clean-ups and collection, sorting and recycling work in coastal regions.

"We are delighted to partner with Hotelplan Suisse to help keep oceans and coastlines clean and support local communities in their fight against ocean-bound plastic," says Marc Krebs of #tide. "Sourcing plastic waste in coastal areas is costly - but also necessary. Every year, 12 million tonnes of plastic waste ends up in the ocean instead of being recycled. We want to change that: We give trainings, build infrastructure and networks, share our expertise and provide financial incentives to collect and recycle plastic waste. Partnerships like the one with Hotelplan Suisse help us to tackle the root of the global problem and to make this effort".

#tide opens its doors to travelers

The partnership is based on mutual support, with #tide's subsidiary in Thailand opening its doors to interested Hotelplan travelers: For example, individual travel specialist travelhouse is offering a tour to discover the hidden corners of Thailand. The tour leads from Bangkok to the dream beaches in the south, stopping on islands where #tide collects plastic waste and brings it ashore in traditional long-tail boats: Travelers interested in sustainability will get a glimpse of the sorting process in Ranong, where people of different cultures and religions work together peacefully. And an excursion to the island of Koh Chang in the Andaman Sea not only offers a glimpse of a specially built warehouse for washed up and collected plastic waste, but also of the life, cuisine and culture of the islanders, especially the Moken people. The Moken are sea nomads who have joined us in the fight against plastic pollution.

"We see supporting #tide as an ideal way not only to help protect the oceans, but also to make our customers aware of the issue of sustainability. However, it is very important for us to act sustainably at all levels of the company and to be fully involved in the areas of climate protection and biodiversity conservation. Sustainability is therefore one of our strategic cornerstones," says Nicole Pfammatter, CEO of Hotelplan Suisse.