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Karim Rashid presents futuristic furniture collection

January 24, 2022

karim_rashid_oceana_design_tide ocean material

At #tide we know that the versatility of our #tide ocean material® knows no boundaries.  That’s why we are so happy to see that our high-quality product is gaining notoriety in the eyes of world-famous designers. Iconic industrial designer Karim Rashid used our #tide® ocean material to create this cutting-edge furniture collection.

His brand new OCEANA series proves that earth-shattering things can be achieved and that a sustainable lifestyle can be more than just a buzzword. This furniture collection is made from ocean-bound plastic and can be considered an ecological step towards holistic design.

Initiated by the networking Solaris Community, OCEANA is part of the UN’s Circular Ocean Plastic project “Closing the Loop” which supports repurposing marine plastics litter using state of art technology encouraging cross-sectional collaborations.

With New York City based Karim Rashid, an award-winning designer meets our award-winning material. Rashid, whom the Time magazine has described as the "most famous industrial designer in all the Americas" and the "Prince of Plastic", started his career in the 1980’s in Canada and in Italy, where he pursued graduate design studies with another icon, Ettore Sottsass. Since then, he has created all kinds of objects, from mailboxes, snow shovel to apparel, luxury objects and, his main focus in the past 20 years, furniture, products, interiors, buildings and, his special passion, hotels.

Karim Rashid Portrait

© Karim Rashid

With more than 4000 designs in production, over 300 awards to his name, and client work in over 40 countries, Karim’s ability to transcend typology continues to make him a force among designers of his generation.

“Designers have the power to shape a better, smarter world.”

Karim Rashid

The big challenge of design is to create something that, although accessible to all consumers, touches people’s lives and gives them some sense of elevated experience and pleasure and is original.

In his eyes, Designers have the power to shape a better, smarter world, to simplify yet inspire every individual, to make well-made and beautiful products accessible to all."

 With these unique designs, Karim truly opens the doors to a new future for the furniture industry. 

The sky is the limit for those who believe in the urgency of adopting a circular economy.  Let’s join forces to close the circle of plastic waste pollution!

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