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King of the Court creates a buzz in Biel with OceanGrip®

May 9, 2023

3x3 Basketball is incredibly fast paced, highly exciting and an official olympic discipline. The concept is unique: two teams of 3 players challenge one another in a 10-minute timeframe. The team to first score 21 points wins the game, regardless of the time. The game is designed to be played anywhere, often times in urban locations, as close as possible to the fans. And there's always music.

The game is played all over the world and on the weekend of May 5th, 2023 it came to Switzerland. A basketball half-court made with our #tide ocean material was installed for the occasion of a shooting contest at the heart of Biel/Bienne, Switzerland.

The event was organized together with King of the Court (KTC Biel) as a teaser leading to the annual FIBA 3x3 Swiss Tour Tournament which will take place from June 24th to June 25th.

Urban sport with impact

The royal blue 165m2 OceanGrip® basketball half-court made with our upcycled ocean-bound granules was installed on Biel’s main square by a handful of volunteers in just a few hours; The “click in, click out” technology of the tiles allows an efficient and quick installation of these sustainable sports floors.

The aim was to encourage everyone wandering in the city to join the court for the competition. There's nothing just like coming together to play ball and being surrounded by music.

Many children, young people, and adults from the city gathered around the game and were able to work out their way on the court. And of course, there were cool goodies to win at the end.

And if you missed out, don’t worry: You can still attend the second warm-up contest on June 2nd and June 3rd in Biel’s city center before the much anticipated 3x3 tournament at the end of June. 🏀

#tide ocean material_King of the Court_FIBA 3x3_OceanGrip_NexxtGrip

Did you know?

A 500m2 OceanGrip® court saves the equivalent of 100’000 bottles from polluting the ocean.

Together with NexxtGrip®, we at #tide, created the concept around the eco-friendly flooring made of 100% upcycled ocean-bound plastic to bring a valuable and impactful alternative to traditional sports courts.

Our goal is to convince as many organizations and institutions as possible to help us transition towards a circular economy for plastics. Adopting OceanGrip® is a great step towards that end.

We very enthusiastic to see a growing interest to bring sustainable solutions to the sports field.

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And if you are interested in defeated plastic pollution but don't necessarily need our material. You can still make a difference by joining our Road to 1 Billion Bottles program:

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