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Maurice Lacroix: That's what a drop makes

May 20, 2022

#tide Founders with Maurice Lacroix CEO Stephane Waser and Thai Ambassadors in Phuket

A few weeks ago, Maurice Lacroix unveiled its ground-breaking AIKON #tide in the sun-kissed metropolis of Miami. Now, the Swiss watch brand spreads the word about its latest initiative, going to Phuket in Thailand. The choice of this tropical location is no accident. On the contrary, this region is the focal point of Maurice Lacroix’s efforts to make the oceans a little cleaner.

Working in collaboration with us, Maurice Lacroix is playing its part in contributing to cleaner oceans. The watch brand has engaged in a long-term partnership to collect plastic bottles from the Andaman Sea, off the coast of Thailand. It has made a firm commitment to recover 10 million plastic bottles from the ocean by providing significant financial support.

Maurice Lacroix is funding traditional longtail boats to recover the plastic waste and paying the collectors a salary to undertake the work. In addition, the company is paying for the ongoing maintenance of the longtail boats.

After the waste has been collected, it is stored in warehouses which are, once again, funded by Maurice Lacroix. Incidentally, the first warehouse is being built on Koh Chang in collaboration with Ranong Recycle for Environment. To make the recycling process efficient, there is a requirement for equipment, eg a bale press, a forklift, etc – once again, Maurice Lacroix is funding this. Lastly, in collaboration with the Jan & Oscar Foundation and #tide, Maurice Lacroix is supporting educational programmes in order to heighten awareness of environmental issues.

With the AIKON #tide initiative, Maurice Lacroix demonstrates to its partners that businesses can act responsibly and consider the needs of society. We are happy to have them joining us on our Road to 1 Billion bottles.