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OceanGrip® enters the game to protect the oceans

February 6, 2023

NexxtGrip_OceanGrip_#tide ocean material

Sport is a great way to bond with people, foster teamwork, and have fun.

But first and foremost, sport is all about essential values such as respect, perseverance, and fairness.

At #tide, we are convinced that this ethos should not only apply to the way we engage with one another on and outside the sports court, but also to the way we interact with the environment.

Make space for OceanGrip®

In the same mindset, NexxtGrip® reached out to us. The Swiss company wanted to make the ocean a little cleaner by creating tiles for sports flooring made with our #tide ocean material®. Their goal was to create something different and impactful within this branch of the industry by offering a high-quality sustainable alternative to traditional sports floors.

And so, together we created OceanGrip®, the first-ever floor tiles made of 100% upcycled ocean-bound Polypropylene (PP) plastic. The tiles are available in an array of 6 snappy standard pantone colors:

  • Royal Blue

  • Forest Green

  • Bright Red

  • Sun Yellow

  • & Tide Petrol, our signature color

The sports covering can be used for basketball, football, tennis courts and more. It is applicable for professional and school settings. It is quick to install thanks to its “click in, click out” technology, and perfect for outdoor applications due to its efficient drainage and UV resistance.

It is a true innovation that makes a strong statement: A single court of 500m2 made of OceanGrip® saves the equivalent of 100’000 bottles from polluting the oceans.

That’s what we a call an impact!

They played the game

Several organizations have already joined the mission.

A school in Port (close to Bienne, in Switzerland), for example, used OceanGrips® for the installation of a court within its premises. Children have been playing on it every day for the past 4 months.

The Lathlain Primary School in Perth and another Australian primary school in New Newman will inaugurate the installation of OceanGrip® sports floors in April 2023.

These meaningful initiatives raise awareness and send a compelling message to the young generations.

#tide ocean material_OceanGrip_Nexxtgrip

Each sports floor makes a big difference to the safeguarding of marine ecosystems. We need more actors like these who are willing to do their part to save the oceans.

A win-win for the ocean

Sport has played an important role in human life since the dawn of civilization. From the Olympic Games to the FIFA World Cup, it has become an integral part of today’s mainstream culture and economy.

With their innovation, Nexxtgrip® sets the example with an ingenious product that holds consideration for the environment in the sports industry.

OceanGrip® is the embodiment of a successful circular application that connects the dots between the sports world and environmental protection to inspire change.

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