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Ohhcean® – the world’s first adult toys made with ocean plastic

February 14, 2022

Plastic materials have been at the heart of the sex toy industry for countless years and Sinful decided to do something about it with the Ohhcean® series. The large intimate product company from Scandinavia launched the world’s first sustainable sex toy collection made with upcycled ocean-bound plastic.

And for that, they used our #tide ocean material®. Mathilde Mackowski, Sinful Group’s Co-Owner, and an award-winning entrepreneur, regarded this collaboration as an ideal fit: “We really wanted partners with a philosophy similar to ours. When we found #tide, it was just the perfect match. They are so good at what they do and put a big emphasis on transparency.”

The project started to take shape when Mathilde was suddenly confronted to the problem of plastic pollution while enjoying the view of the horizon on a beach. She could see plastic waste wavering amongst the waves. And as nature lover, she was truly bemused by the magnitude of the issue she was facing; the beautiful scenic vista she would usually enjoy was long gone. This specific moment brought her to becoming part of the solution, and she was determined to make a splashing statement.

Every year, 10 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans. Creative design-thinking is key to tackle a problem of such significance, and Mathilde was resolute to redefine the application of plastic within the adult toy industry. Her entrepreneurial focus brought her to develop the world’s first sex toy series made with upcycled ocean-bound plastic, which she astutely called Ohhcean®.

Mathilde is already regarded as a trailblazer in the industry. She loves helping people explore their playful side and has an innate inclination towards innovation. This is what it took to bring the Ohhcean® collection to life.

“It is the love child of playfulness, the urge to think in new ways.”

States Mathilde in an interview by her/ CLIMATE. As a business leader, Mathilde made it her mission to reduce the environmental impact of her products as much as possible.

As one can imagine, the journey towards fulfilling this undertaking was long, bumpy, and filled with unforeseen challenges. But it led to results that were worth the while. Environmental factors needed to be the heart and soul of this project, and to Mathilde, there was no way around it.

"ohhcean® is a project that is close to my heart", Mathilde says. "Our team has been working hard to be able to offer a product that combines pleasure with a sustainable approach."

Mathilde Mackowski, co-Founder of Sinful and Ohhcean sustainable adult toys

"#tide® is the best partner we could dream of to manage the entire supply chain successfully and in accordance with our ethical aspirations."

Mathilde Mackowski

To her, it was crucial to create a product line that would be able to spread happiness and awaken one’s sense of playfulness. The Ohhcean® collection was made to celebrate intimacy, fun, and the possibility to create change, as Mathilde said in an interview by Vogue France.

For Mathilde, it's clear that this was just the beginning:

“We’re so thrilled to have started the first wave.”

And so is #tide®! We are happy to have become part of the movement with the Ohhcean® sex toy series.

The collection includes three rechargeable products: Magic Wand, G-spot Vibrator and Body Vibrator available in different shades of blue. Each carefully packed in an eco-friendly packaging.

And it won’t stop here, Sinful has the ambition to expand the range with many, many more eco-products: “We have felt the enthusiasm from all over the world and have already embarked on the next level concerning new products in the line.”

All you need is love, a magic wand, and a drop of courage to initiate waves of change. 🌊