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PB Swiss Tools uses #tide® for the redesign of their products

May 2, 2024

The reputable precision tool manufacturer, PB Swiss Tools AG, has partnered with us to create a new product line using our #tide ocean material.

PB Swiss Tools AG is a family business that dates back to the late 1800’s in the center of the Emmental region of Switzerland. The brand name is derived from the initials of Paul Baumann who took over in 1918. Sustainability has always been at the core of the company’s activities and philosophy. Their products have had a lifetime guarantee for decades, they believe in the importance of reusing and repairing instead of producing more. Designing products that last a lifetime is one of the key defining features of a circular economy. In 1997, they were also one of the first Swiss companies to have gotten the ISO 14001 certification, the internationally recognized standard for environmental management systems. Since then, PB Swiss Tools has also managed to reduce its water consumption by 80-90% thanks to a circulating water system and is achieving great results in terms of energy efficiency. All these facts show just how much this internationally successful Swiss company cares about the preservation of the environment and how serious they are about sustainability.

Rethinking products with sustainability in mind

With this in mind, it's no surprise that the precision toolmakers took a closer look at their plastic needs and turned to #tide for their next innovation:

Tide Ocean SA_PB Swiss Tools

As part of the collaboration, the company used our recycled ocean-bound polypropylene (rPP) material for BitBlocks, the small bases that hold the various screwdriver bits. The production of our rPP emits half the emissions of virgin PP, this means that by switching from virgin plastic to our rPP, the company cut its carbon footprint in half.

Marc Zingg, Head of Innovation & Quality at PB Swiss Tools, enthusiastically states:

“With the relaunch of our BitBlock, we are not only presenting improved functionality, but also sending out a strong signal for sustainability. A new feature is that the BitBlocks can be plugged together, which makes them easier to store. But that's not all: by using tide ocean material in the injection molding process, we use recycled plastic from coastal areas. This environmentally friendly choice of material enables us to make a significant ecological contribution. We proudly put our name to this innovative and sustainable solution.”

It's just one more example that shows how recycled materials can be a great medium for rethinking the design of a product without compromising on quality.