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First Swiss sustainable eyewear made of 100% ocean plastic

June 6, 2022

Planctons sustainable eyewear #tide ocean material

Here's another innovation when it comes to the use of our high-quality granulate: An eye catcher that makes you look sharp and feel good at the same time!

Swiss company Planctons has developed and launched the first Swiss sustainable eyewear made of 100% #tide ocean material®.

With much attention to detail and a circular mindset, Planctons created this stunning ultralight eco-friendly eyewear collection. Coupled with the fact that the company’s production process abides by a zero-waste policy, it also offers clients the possibility to send the end-of-life glasses back to be recycled again.

The team from Planctons turns single-use plastic into sustainable consumer goods, and at the same time, raises awareness on the importance of protecting and preserving the oceans.

"Call us dreamers, but we really aspire to rid the oceans of plastic waste.”

Just like #tide®, the Swiss company sees plastic circularity as the most durable and efficient method to rid the oceans of plastic waste and restore marine ecosystems.

We are so happy to have joined forces on this journey to close the circle and restore the equilibrium of the Blue Planet’s living organisms.

Get ready for the most memorable tête-à-têtes you will ever have! 🤓 👀

Check their sustainable eyewear collection.