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#tide® launches the OceanMug from 100% ocean-bound plastic

March 1, 2022

#tide ocean material, OceanMug_ eco friendly coffee mug

After the launch of the #tide ocean material® original OceanBag family, we have the pleasure to announce the kickoff of a new product: the OceanMug.

Made from 100% ocean-bound plastic collected along the coast of the Andaman Sea, the OceanMug is a perfect match for all hot and cold beverage lovers. The reusable coffee mug’s sleek design makes it very easy and comfortable to use, whether you are on you way to work or sipping some coffee around a table with some friends.

And it comes in four different trendy colours: #tide®’s signature petrol color, pale pink, grey, and anthracite/ black.

The OceanMug follows the requirements of the German Food Act, the internationally recognized Regulation Act for food safety. Its cup and cap are made of ocean-bound Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles, and the spoon is made of Polypropylene (PP).

Thanks to our mechanical upcycling process, we have brought back the original raw material, which was already complying with strict food level regulations, to life at an almost virgin level and reintroduced it into the circle to be safely used indefinitely.

The leak proof reusable coffee mug even comes in a packaging made of 100% recycled carboard.

So, not only does carrying the eco friendly coffee mug look fantastic, but it makes a strong statement for the environment and the preservation of our beloved oceans.

Get yours now!

#tide Founder & Captain Thomas Schori

"By using our OceanMug, you reduce your own carbon footprint, raise awareness and show that ocean-bound plastic waste can be elevated into durable, fashionable, and safe products.”

Thomas Schori, Captain & CEO