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Traceability: #tide® joins forces with Tracking Provider Empower

May 24, 2022

Transparency has been at the center of Tide Ocean's business model since day one. Being an innovative cleantech company we are ready to take our promise to be the most trusted label of upcycled ocean-bound plastic to the next level. We have has started to digitize our supply chain.

Together with our technology partner, Oslo-based Empower, we have started to track our material flows through every step of the journey: from the moment a piece of ocean-bound plastic waste is picked up by one of our collectors to the moment when the upcycled plastic granules are being shipped to our customers. All of this data, including photos, dates, volumes and info about processing steps, is saved on the blockchain for maximum transparency and security.

The seamless tracking of our #tide ocean material® from plastic waste to the upcycled granules will enable us to provide a material passport documenting the journey the plastic took through our supply chain. Adding even more value and credibility for all the stakeholders involved, especially the brands using our #tide ocean material®.

“A lot of greenwashing is happening in the ocean plastic space. And there's only one way out of this: Transparency.”
Thomas Schori, CEO & Founder #tide

"With Empower we've found a partner who shares our values and works tirelessly at the forefront of this important issue", says #tide Founder and CEO Thomas Schori. "It is our mutual goal to provide a state of the art solution based on blockchain technology to prove the origin of our ocean-bound material. This is another important milestone for #tide to become the world’s Number 1 Label for upcycled ocean-bound plastic."

Empower has established itself as one of the leading providers of tracking technology in the recycled plastic industry. The award-winning company is rapidly growing its ecosystem all over the world and adding organizations on a regular basis, be it collectors, processors or recyclers.

“Innovation, new solutions and strong partnerships bringing transparency to the value chains are needed for the world to solve the plastic waste problem.”
Wilhelm Myrer, CEO & Founder Empower

"Partnering up with #tide on their journey to become the world’s Number 1 Label for upcycled ocean-bound plastic is an amazing opportunity for us", says Wilhelm Myrer, Founder and CEO of Empower. "We want to keep working with passionate people towards a common goal and greater good, a world without waste."