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More sustainable supply chains with big bags made from #tide

March 27, 2023

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On our way towards a circular economy we need to take a close hard look at every little piece of this huge puzzle that is our economic system today. When it comes to recycled content, we often times talk about the newest shiny product that was brought to the shelves of our favorite clothing store or about some hyped up revolutionary business model. While those discussions most certainly bring much needed attention to the subject, there's huge potential in the more out-of-sight areas of our economy.

It's those unassuming products. The things that literally keep our global trading system running. Like a big bag, a widely used means of packaging for bulk storage of dry goods. Imagine the impact if all global logistics switched to recycled materials.

Together with Relianz AG, a Swiss based provider of bulk packaging, we've successfully developed big bags made from #tide ocean material®. For now they contain 30%, but we're already working to increase their recycled content.

Soil producer RICOTER AG, based in Switzerland as well, is the first to switch all of its bulk packaging to this new, sustainable option. We will also start to integrate these bags into our own logistics so we can ship our granules in bags made from the same material.

From the beginning, our goal was not only to provide our partners and customers with as much ocean-bound plastic as possible, but also to integrate the material into our internal processes. Now we're a big step closer.

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