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VersaCourt and #tide® bring sustainable athletic courts to the world

July 2, 2024

An active lifestyle is good for your health. Now imagine if you could also help the environment by exercising. #tide is launching a new partnership to do just that.

VersaCourt, an industry leader in designing and manufacturing athletic courts has partnered with us to make a difference in the sports flooring industry and protect the oceans. Together, we have meticulously developed a sustainable athletic court system made with our recycled ocean-bound plastic material. Specifically, the court is made with our #tide® recycled polypropylene granules. The process begins with us collecting ocean-bound plastic waste and transforming it into quality granules, which are then sent to VersaCourt to produce long-lasting athletic court systems.

These high-performance court systems can be adapted to multiple sports, from racquet sports to basketball, and are easily installed in various locations from parking lots to backyards.

In addition, VersaCourt's unique six-point interlocking system makes installation simple. This resilient court design was built to bring communities and families together from all corners of the world. It also serves to demonstrate that innovation toward sustainability in the plastics industry is possible.

Thomas Schori, founder of #tide, says: “We are thrilled to start a long-term partnership with VersaCourt to improve the well-being of communities all around the world and the health of our oceans. By using our recycled material from Mexico and the Caribbean, VersaCourt is not only helping to reduce CO2 emissions, but also making an important social impact by creating jobs and waste management systems. We give value to waste and want to do what we can to improve the quality of life for the community, and in that, VersaCourt and we are the same.”

Josh Nelson, Vice President of VersaCourt, says:

“Partnering with #tide is more than mutually beneficial. It has a purpose for our planet. We are thrilled to work together and support one another on this journey to improve our planet and set the example for our industry to follow.”

The partnership kicked off with the installation of VersaCourt athletic court in the Mexican port city of Progreso on the Yucatán Peninsula. Tide Ocean (MPS) LLC, a joint venture of #tide with Maritime Procurement Services, donated the court to the city to raise awareness around pollution and unite the community for years to come. Adults, teens, families, everyone is invited to play on the sustainable court and create lasting memories.

Alejandro Trillo Menchelli, CEO of MPS, says: “We donated this court to Progreso to inspire new generations to engage in healthier lifestyles while understanding that innovation can catalyze change for cleaner oceans. Our mission at MPS is to have cleaner oceans, and through this project, we are demonstrating that it is possible.”

What makes this court design stand out is not only its quality, but its ability to send a positive message about togetherness, environmental stewardship, and the importance of an active lifestyle. Both VersaCourt and we, at #tide, take a proactive approach to protecting the environment and bringing communities together for the benefit of all.