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Yamamay launches a sustainable swimsuit collection

May 1, 2021

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From the ocean, for the ocean. We’re proudly announcing a new collaboration: The Italian brand Yamamay has created a collection of sustainable swimsuits using our #tide ocean material®. It is called the EDIT collection, an abbreviation for Eco-Designed Innovative Textile. The bikini collection is completely made from yarn that was 100% recycled ocean-bound plastic and is itself 100% recyclable, making it a truly circular product.

Made from an elastane-free, recycled and recyclable mono-polymer fabric, this limited edition features two one-piece swimsuits, one patterned and another in solid color (Bouganville purple). Two Bikinis in triple color variant (patterned, aviation blue and Bouganville purple) and a patterned cover-up.

Yamamay is the Italian leader for the production and distribution of female underwear, lingerie, pijamas and swimwear products. Their designs are created in accordance with the principles of eco-design, knowing how important it is for people to use products that are beautiful, functional, and have reduced impacts on the environment at the same time. Yamamay is constantly looking for innovations to provide naturally feminine, sustainable products intended to last and be worn easily. They work constantly and carefully to improve their aesthetic, comfort and performance characteristics.

To shoot the Edit Collection, made from our #tide ocean material, Yamamay chose the beautiful Island of Caprera (Sardinia) for its culture of sustainability and its commitment to protect the environment.

Recycable again and again

Those who got enough of their swimsuit (designed by students of the Fashion Textile Design at the Galli Academy) can return their bikini or swimsuit to Yamamay.

Together with the italian fashion brand, we from #tide wanted to close the circle after use again and agreed to recycle the EDIT swimsuits made from our polyester yarn again.

The EDIT Capsule Collection will be launched in the first half of June to celebrate the opening of the Decade of the Sea and will be available in limited edition in Yamamay flagship stores and on yamamay.com.

Plastic hitting the beach has never looked that good.