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thank you

for caring about the oceans and for reducing plastic pollution. The product you purchased is made of #tide ocean material®.

Where others see waste, we see value. Which is why we give ocean-bound plastic a second life as a valuable resource for new, sustainable products like the one you are probably holding in your hands right now.

We have developed an award winning method to upcycle 100% ocean-bound plastic waste into new quality products such as watches, a sport floor or a fully recyclable swimsuit collection.

We collaborate for instance with fishermen in the Andaman Sea. They pick up plastic waste from the ocean, from the coast and from uncontrolled landfills within max. 15 kilometers from the shoreline towards the land and 100 meters into the sea of low tide limits.

This plastic waste is then brought to a social enterprise in Ranong, Thailand. There the workers receive the plastic, pay the fishermen and sort the plastic before it is further processed. Sorting the waste is key for a successful recycling process, it is laborious and takes a lot of training.

In addition to the Andaman Sea, the plastic for #tide ocean material® has also been collected at the following locations.

For more information about the social and environmental impact created by #tide visit our impact page.

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