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Shinola Detroit: shining bright for the oceans

August 1, 2022

One year after the launch of the Sea Creatures watch collection, Shinola makes a comeback with the Detrola clock series made with our #tide ocean material®.

But before diving deeper into the story behind the Detrola Wall Clock, let’s quickly plunge into Shinola’s history.

“Where American Is Made”

Shinola Detroit_#tide

Since its (re)commencement in 2011, the American lifestyle company has been focusing all its efforts on engineering high-quality goods and establishing itself as a vanguard watch factory at the heart of the one of America’s most renowned cultural centers: Detroit, Michigan. Led by the founder of Fossil Group and Bedrock Manufacturing Co., Tom Kartsotis, Shinola started to write “the long history of Detroit watchmaking”.

Located on the fifth floor of the Alfred A. Taubman building at the College for Creative Studies, Shinola Detroit was the first watch factory in almost half a century to have established itself in the United-States. Fully aware of Detroit’s heritage, namely its crescent and poignant deindustrialization since the 1950s which led to a ghastly economic decline, the American company was determined to contribute to the revival of manufacturing in the Motor City.

In this fashion, the design brand started its journey towards renewal of American-made goods with the launch of their first product in 2013: the Runwell. The elegant timepiece marked the beginning of a long series of upper end niche products. From the start, it was crucial to the American watch brand that the produce be crafted to last and built in Detroit. From bicycles to notebooks and vinyl players, Shinola’s colorful panel of premium products have been welcomed and loved by many, including former US president, Barack Obama.

“Shinola for me is about a community, focusing on quality over quantity, and making an investment in something that you will have for a lifetime.”

Heath Carr, Bedrock Manufacturing’s CEO.

The Art of “Turning Trash into Treasure”: Sea Creatures

Shinola Detroit_Detrola Sea Creatures_#tide ocean material

Shinola Detroit makes stylish, unique, and durable products, but that’s not all.

Over the years, Shinola started to push sustainability at the core of their ethos. On the occasion of World Ocean Day 2021, Shinola launched Sea Creatures, a robust sport watch here to make a statement for the oceans. With the goal of “turning trash into treasure”, the company reached out to #tide and used the ocean-bound plastic supplier’s premium raw material to create the case and strap of the Detrola Sea Creatures watch.

On the techy side, the watch features the Argonite 715 Movement and has a certified water resistance of 10 ATM (100 meters), which makes it the perfect companion for any adventure, be it deep in the water or at the top of a mountain.

Assembled in Detroit, the timepiece was made to “last for generations”, a noble statement reminiscent of one of the key principles of the circular economy concept: longevity.

Welcome the Detrola Wall Clock

Shinola Detroit takes one step further for the environment.

Launched one year after the Detrola Sea Creatures, the Detrola Wall Clock is another example shedding light on the company’s commitment to making products with meaning. In addition to designing another unique product with much attention to detail and great craftsmanship, Shinola was resolute to create a pop timepiece that would advocate for the oceans. And for that, they once again trusted #tide’s award-winning label: the wall was encased in 100% #tide ocean material®.

Armed with three different bright colors, the timepiece was made to resolutely stand its ground for the preservation of the oceans and at the same time, bring a dynamic vibe to any interior design.

Detrola Call Clock_Shinola Detroit_#tide ocean material

Shinola Detroit strongly believes in the power of creativity to offer solutions to environmental issues such as plastic waste pollution. With its dazzling eco-friendly design, great quality, and much attention to detail the Detrola Wall clock shows exactly that.

The luxury watch brand couldn’t have found a better time to shine. #tide® is proud to have partnered with a company that puts people, innovative craftmanship, and the environment at the heart and soul of their activities.

Shine on, Shinola!