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Sulzer creates premium foams made from recycled PET

November 30, 2021

#tide ocean material recycled PET foam by Sulzer Chemtech

Thanks to its expertise in polymer processing, Sulzer Chemtech has developed, in collaboration with the Institute for Material Science and Plastics Processing (IWK), a method to turn our award-winning #tide ocean material® into high-quality foams that match the properties of virgin plastics.

Marc Krebs, #tide’s co-founder and CCO comments: “We are always looking for new applications for our recycled plastic pellets. The ability to produce expanded foams opens new doors to a wide range of markets, helping us reduce plastic waste by upcycling it to obtain advanced materials. We are very thankful to Sulzer Chemtech for helping us develop this new processing method for our recycled pellets.”

Daniel Schwendemann IWK #tide ocean material

"The partnership with Sulzer Chemtech has been key in the development of XPET foam boards made from our recycled feedstock."

Daniel Schwendemann, IWK

As a result, this development will help #tide offer sustainable solutions for the construction and packaging industries. Foam from ocean-bound plastic waste stands for lower carbon footprint than XPS, XPE and rubber, better thermal insulation features and more.