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Welcome to our new virtual home! Step inside and have a look

July 6, 2022


You know the feeling, when you have outgrown your flat? You have a hard time finding space for all your things. The rooms are too small, the ceiling’s too low, you keep bumping your feet and head. And – worst of all – you can’t have all your friends over, because the dinner table is basically just a wooden crate turned upside down.

New Architecture

This is how we felt with our website. The last 12 months were amazing. We grew, made progress, moved on up. There were so many stories to tell, so many updates to share, so many partnerships to talk about. But with our old one-pager, we just lacked space and possibilities to give credit to all the new developments.

We needed a new house.

And an architect to build it for us.

One of the great things about having an office in Basel: We’re surrounded by great architects – not only Herzog & de Meuron or Christ & Gantenbein, no, we also think of those building the digital world. This is how we found the wonderful people at We Are WONDROUS.

Passion and values

WONDROUS are not only experts for digital solutions, they also love to surf the waves of the ocean. So it was clear how well we matched from the beginning. They understood our values, shared our vision and – most importantly – brought the same passion to the table for every single meeting.

So our planning began: Sketches were drawn, brains were stormed, coffees were downed. WONDROUS acted as a weathered architect, inspiring free-wheeling design workshops as well as providing guidance when prioritization was due. They were our interior designer, hands-on contractor, coolheaded project manager. All the while keeping an open mind to our last-minute ideas.

And now, we’re proud to host a house warming party. This is what you will find on our all new website:

  • a dedicated News-Section where we will post on a regular basis about new developments, product launches, partnerships, activities or clean-ups.

  • in-depth information about our recycled #tide ocean material® as well as a structured sales form to channel all project inquiries.

  • detailed accounts of our impact driven operations

  • a trove of background information about plastic pollution and the ways to confront the devastation it causes to our oceans

  • insights into the many ways we collaborate with our partners and about the possibilities to get involved yourself

Now we want you to join us in turning the #tide: Enter our new home and explore all the rooms. We’re curious how you like it!