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#tide ocena material_OceanMug_OceanProducts_100% ocean-bound plastic

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#tide's sustainable merchandise made with ocean-bound plastic

At #tide, we are on a journey to make a lasting impact. We prevent ocean-bound plastic waste from entering the oceans and help communities in need.

Our impact-driven business model consists of collecting and giving a second life to ocean-bound plastic (OBP) waste. We have developed a mechanical method to upcycle OBP into high-quality granules that can be used to create new products.

Because of its versatility, there literally is an ocean of possibilities with our #tide ocean material®. To showcase the wide ranging applications, we created a sustainable merchandise line of our own: the OceanProducts. This collection can be customized and branded. #tide's merchandise can be a wonderful meaningful giveaway for customers and employees. A promotional gift with a strong sustainable and social message.

The plastics used for these series are 100% ocean-bound. It is much more than a product line acting in favor of the environment, it also stands for strict ethical standards and creates a social impact. We, at #tide, care about the environment, people, and we work hard to render our operations as transparent as possible. All of this is reflected in our daily activities, our value chains, and the sustainable products that we make.

Our sustainable merchandise in a nutshell

  • #tide ocean material_sustainable merchandise_Facts

    Low MOQ

  • #tide ocean material_sustainable merchandise_Facts

    No tooling cost

  • #tide ocean material_sustainable OEM products


  • #tide ocean material_sustainable merchandise_Facts


  • #tide ocean material_sustainable merchandise_Facts

    0% virgin plastic

  • #tide ocean material_sustainable merchandise_Facts

    100% OBP

  • #tide ocean material_sustainable merchandise_Facts

    rPET: 5x more eco-friendly than virgin PET

  • #tide ocean material_sustainable merchandise_Facts

    Helps the environment & people


OceanProducts_Customization_#tide ocean material

Adapted to your vision

The design of our OceanProducts can be adjusted to each project: Our sustainable merchandise can be (co)-branded, and the color of the items can be customized.

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  • Gifts for coffee lovers_travel coffee mugs_reusable cup_ocean plastic products_OceanMugs_#tide ocean material_

  • Gifts for coffee lovers_travel coffee mugs_reusable cup_ocean plastic products_OceanMugs_#tide ocean material

  • sustainable merchandise_#tide_Gifts for coffee lovers_travel coffee mugs_reusable cup_ocean plastic products_OceanMugs_#tide ocean material


Reusable Travel Mugs

Coffee is the favorite drink of many people. Whether you're driving in the car or commuting by train: a good coffee-to-go keeps you awake and warm. What has been missing so far: A coffee and tea mug that also serves a good cause. So here comes the perfect gift for conscious connoisseurs.

Our OceanMug is made of 100% ocean-bound plastic. We from #tide have collected, recycled and manufactured it, so what once was ocean-bound plastic gets a second life as a safe, sustainable and reusable beverage cup. The mug consists of recycled and reinforced PET (mug) and PP (spoon) and follows the requirement of the German Food Act, the internationally recognized Regulation Act for food safety.

The OceanMug is leak and spill proof thanks to its smart twist lock system and its precision fitting spoon. It's suitable for dishwashers and can be used over and over again. By using this sustainable mug, you reduce your own carbon footprint, raise awareness and belong to the pioneers who show that ocean-bound plastic waste can be elevated into durable, fashionable and safe products.

The OceanMug family comes in four different trendy colours: #tide's signature petrol, light pink, grey and anthracite/black.

_tide ocean material_OceanMug_Reusable cup

technical information

Material: Reinforced rPET and PP, plastic is 100% ocean-bound

Size: 300 ml

Packaging: Recycled and recycable cardboard

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100% ocean-bound plastic

OceanBag Jimmy

He's your big buddy with a lot of space, ideal for your next beach clean-up.

We have developed Jimmy, a large 200-liter bag, to support your environmental activities. Take him with you for a beach clean-up, just like the fishermen on the islands of the Andaman Sea do before bringing the plastic to our #tide subsidiary in Thailand. And if the next beach is far away, nevermind. Jimmy also does good work in other contexts.

Are you ready to support our mission?

Sustainable merchandise/ Technical information:

Material: Upcycled Polyester, made from 100% ocean-bound plastic. Fastener made of climbing cord.

Size: 200 Liter, 60x90cm.

Color: Signature #tide Petrol with orange braided contrast cord.

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100% ocean-bound plastic

OceanBag Lucy

Lucy is the real versatile deal to carry lots of stuff. She is the perfect companion for a day at the beach, as she offers all the space one needs: beach towel, fins, goggles and snorkel. But she can also join you in the city, on the way to the gym or the grocery store.

Sustainable merchandise/ Technical information:

Material: Upcycled Polyester, made from 100% ocean-bound plastic. Fastener made of climbing cord.

Size: 60 Liter, 30x65cm.

Color: Signature #tide Petrol with orange braided contrast cord.


100% ocean-bound plastic

OceanBag Frankie

Frankie is the smallest of the collection. The 10-liter OceanBag can be used in many day-to-day situations: as a bag for your shoes or a laundry bag when traveling.

Frankie does not only make one's life easier, it also makes you a protector of the sea.

Sustainable merchandise/ Technical information:

Material: Upcycled Polyester, made from 100% ocean-bound plastic. Fastener made of climbing cord.

Size: 10 Liter, 20x35cm.

Color: Signature #tide petrol with orange braided contrast cord.


The Game with a Domino effect

Taking literally the metaphor of the domino effect, we introduce to you: OceanDomino, the first Domino game with real impact.

Playing a game is one of the best ways to connect with people. Why not make your next game night even more meaningful by inspiring a conversation about plastic pollution?

And why a domino game?

Because we love the metaphor: Small actions can have huge consequences if they happen in the right environment. This phenomenon is called the domino effect and we hope it will apply to our actions as well. Even though we’re already processing hundreds of tons of ocean-bound plastic waste per year we know that there are still millions of tons threatening the environment and that we are a long way from solving the plastic pollution in the oceans.

But we also know that we have started something and we hope that many others will join us, creating said domino effect: Collecting ocean-bound plastic and bringing it back into the material circle. Until there’s no plastic finding it’s way into the oceans anymore.

You play the game – and keep the ocean clean.

#tide ocean material_sustainable merchandise

technical information

Material: Reinforced rPET, plastic is 100% ocean-bound

Number of pieces: 28

Highest number: Double-six

Packaging: Recycled cardboard

Color: #tide petrol

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  • #tide ocean material_tote bag

  • #tide ocean material_tote bag

Sustainable Totebags

Are you looking for the perfect eco-friendly companion to carry small items in good conscience? We’ve got you covered: Meet our OceanTotebag.

It comes in our recognizable petrol blue color, and it’s made of 100% #tide ocean material®. This means that it is comprised of 100% repurposed ocean-bound plastic.

Meant to be used and reused, the sustainable tote bag symbolizes circularity; it brings back into the cycle what was once lost in the environment.

The rPET utilized to create the OceanTotebag is 5x more eco-friendly than virgin PET. This entails that by acquiring OceanTotebags, one not only reduces their carbon footprint, but also contributes to the protection of the oceans and participates in supporting local communities.

At #tide, our goal is not only to put a stop to plastic pollution through preventive efforts, but also to reduce poverty. That’s why we pay fair wages to the people who have joined our mission to close the material cycle.

#tide ocean material_OceanTotebag_Sustainable Tote Bag_SUstainable merchandise

technical information

Material: Upcycled PET, made from 100% ocean-bound plastic.

Size: 37x40cm.

Color: Petrol blue, #tide’s signature color

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