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Condor Group & #tide: Covering the World With Sustainable Textiles

April 12, 2023

Condor Group is the EU’s largest carpet manufacturer with exports to more than 100 countries worldwide. The dutch family business is launching a partnership with Tide Ocean SA to support solutions against plastic pollution and poverty. The two companies have agreed to join hands and increase the use of ocean-bound plastic in a broad variety of floorcoverings. 

From Home Carpets to Automotive Textiles

It starts with #tide collecting ocean-bound plastic waste and recycling it into pellets which then are extruded into quality yarns by Condor Group on their production sites in the Netherlands. This will result in bright and innovative collections of modern designed carpets, automotive textiles and artificial grass. The potential is huge, as Condor Group provides already now millions of square meters of floorcoverings to live comfortably, work safely or exercise healthily every year.

Thomas Schori, founder of #tide: “The long term partnership with Condor Group does contribute to the reduction of CO2 and to cleaner oceans as well as help us create a much needed social impact. We collaborate with NGO’s and local communities to close the circle of plastic waste pollution. We pay fair salaries to wastepickers and fishermen who collect the plastics on islands and along coastlines. We must start to prevent that new plastic waste ends up in the ocean in the first place.”

New opportunities for local communities

Exactly this thinking fits perfectly with the Condor Group family business. Jan Hoekman Jr, one of the family members of Condor Group: "The important CO2 reduction is not the only benefit of using #tide ocean material®, the ecological and social impact is also a very important part of this cooperation. Giving local communities new opportunities and empowering them to restore nature."


"The important CO2 reduction is not the only benefit of using #tide ocean material®, the ecological and social impact is also a very important part of this cooperation."

Jan Hoekman Jr, Condor Group

#tide and Condor Group share the same vision when it comes to the meaning of environmental and social impact as well as to credibility: The products can be traced back to their origin, thanks to the use of advanced blockchain technology for #tide’s material passport – a useful tool for more transparency in the supply chain and to rule out greenwashing.

With the use of ocean-bound plastic, the recently launched mono-material innovations and state-of-the-art production facilities in the heart of Europe, Condor Group makes carpets ready for the future and takes a leading role in the circular economy. Products featuring #tide ocean material will be launched in various industries before the end of this year.

Exports to 100 countries

Condor Group creates, produces and sells (floor)solutions in various sectors; from broadloom carpet for homes to carpet tiles for offices and from car mats for premium car brands to artificial grass for sports clubs. Condor Group has 1’000 employees, exports to more than 100 countries worldwide and has a turnover of over EUR 500 million.

Founded in 1992, the family-run company is the EU's largest carpet producer, with a yearly output of more than 140 million m² of textile solutions.