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#vanlife with a conscience – #tide teams up with Cheeky Campers

July 25, 2023


Let's pack a bag, hop in a campervan, and just go wherever we want.

Who doesn't love the idea of discovering new places - remote and romantic - skipping hot showers, breakfast buffets and air conditioning to spend some time at the literal beach, #vanlife.

Swiss startup Cheeky Campers offers just that: camper vans at reasonable prices, flexible booking conditions, simple but comfortable and with an eco-friendly twist. They buy all their vans second hand and use only recycled or reused materials for the interiors. To make their campers even more unique, all vehicles are spray painted by local graffiti and street artists.

The latest addition to their colorful fleet features an image of a giant octopus by Basel-based artist Niro Dubs. You may also recognize the color palette and logo of your favorite impact-driven upcycling company.

Hard-to-recycle plastic turned furniture

The van comes with a stylish petrol interior and furniture made from #tide ocean material®. Upboards, also a young Swiss company, turns hard-to-recycle plastics into boards that can be worked like wood to build furniture or other types of structures. They were able to use half a ton of polypropylene that had been sitting in our warehouse for years. For technical reasons, we could not use it in our own upcycling process. We're delighted to have found such a brilliant use for this stock.

But the partnership with Cheeky doesn't stop there. Finding ways to travel more sustainably is at the heart of what they do. And since they specialize in road trips, they have also decided to join us on our "Road to 1 Billion Bottles".

All puns aside, we're excited to partner with Cheeky and their eco-conscious community of travelers. Cheeky customers can now choose to do their part in the fight against plastic pollution when they rent a campervan. Contributions range from 200 to 1000 bottles per day.