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Timex teams up with Snoopy and #tide

November 14, 2022


Timex brings in a real celebrity to make a stand against plastic pollution: Snoopy is the face of a new watch-collection made from ocean-bound plastic.

From Homers’ epic poem The Iliad to Marvel’s Avengers comic books, telling stories has always been crucial to help us navigate our environment and the social structures built around it. It is the best way to connect with other people and to get across strong messages.

It is on this basis that Timex teamed up with Snoopy and #tide. The American watch brand invited the Peanuts comic stripe’s favorite character to represent their commitment to making the oceans a little cleaner and used #tide ocean material® to create the brand-new Waterbury Ocean x Peanuts watch.

The timepiece comes in two different blue colors reminiscent of the ocean. One can also notice that it is speckled with white dots, which underlines the recycled nature of the material. The case, bracelet, and dial are all made with 100% #tide ocean material® making it a truly sustainable product. And of course, one can also spot Snoopy with his diving gear snorkeling in the deep blue of the timepiece.

#tide ocean material_Timex_Snoopy_Waterburry

The fact that Timex made the endearing character became the face of a product with meaning renders the product all the more special.

And Timex did not stop there: the company took a step further for the oceans through a beach clean-up. Coordinated by #tide, the cleanup took place on Koh Chang, a small island located off the Northern Andaman Coast, in the Southwest of Thailand. The event was more precisely held on a beach called Ao Lek, which is the most remote beach on Koh Chang; it can only be accessed by boat. A total of 20 people (18 to 80 years old) from different cultures and beliefs joined forces to clean up Ao Lek. They were able to collect over 110 kilos of plastic waste, 110 kilos that would otherwise have ended up in the ocean.

Through this preventive initiative, Timex showed the true extent of their commitment to preserve marine life and other ecosystems. #tide is always happy to support their partners with visual assets, storytelling, custom merchandise, project coordination or co-branded beach clean-ups, which can play a significant role in enhancing one’s social and environmental impact.

Timex’s genuine willingness to do good serves as a memorable statement for the oceans. There is more to come, such as a very exciting collection for Spring 2023. This is just the beginning of a wonderful partnership for the oceans.