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#tide ocean material_recycled polyester yarn_Recycle PET yarn.

Polyester Yarn

Made of 100% recycled ocean-bound plastic: our recycled polyester yarn can be used for quality textiles and fabrics.

#tide's recycled ocean-bound plastic can be extruded into recycled polyester yarns of high sustainability and quality. Together with our research partners we have carried out numerous tests to come up with a high quality solution for textiles. The #tide recycled polyester yarn comes up with the ultimate raw thread specifications to provide a reliable recycled polyester material which is already successfully in production and available for the worldwide market, with production locations in Europe and Asia.

We offer a range of dtex norms for the recycled polyester yarn. It can be textured, dyed and finished as required. It can be plyed, air-jet, friction or crinkle textured or upon request also be twisted.

The recycled polyester yarn made from 100% ocean-bound plastic is suitable for further processing. It can be used for fabric. Thanks to a wide range of optional properties, it can also be used in sportswear and functional clothing. Twisted variants of the fiber are ideal for home textiles, for example upholstery fabrics, and for the automotive sector.


Kvadrat: World's first upholstery textile made from recycled ocean-bound plastic

Kvadrat is a house hold name in Scandinavia’s world-famous design tradition. Kvadrat is a leader in design innovation and sustainability that produces high-performance textiles. Their latest collection for upholstery is made of 100% #tide ocean material - our recycled polyester yarn. Kvadrat has partnered with Milan based architect and designer Patricia Urquiola. Inspired by sportswear and the look of technical textiles, Urquiola called the new collection “Sport”. The fabric unites a vibrant, high-tech contemporary expression with a compelling sustainability story.

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Europe's largest manufacturer of carpets joins forces with #tide

Condor Group exports to more than 100 countries worldwide. Now the dutch family business is launching a partnership with Tide Ocean SA to support solutions against plastic pollution and poverty. The two companies have agreed to join hands and increase the use of recycled ocean-bound plastic in a broad variety of floorcoverings. This will result in bright and innovative collections of modern designed carpets, automotive textiles and artificial grass. The potential is huge, as Condor Group provides already now millions of square meters of floorcoverings globally.

#tide X Condor Group
#tide ocean material: OceanCanvas made of 100% recycled ocean plastic PET and #tide's polyester yarn

#tide's OceanCanvas

Its the latest innovation from #tide's product development lab:
A canvas made from 100% ocean-bound recycled polyester yarn. Our Tide OceanCanvas comes with a linear density of dtex 1200 and in 6 different colors, which can be customized upon request.

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Ropes and Cords made of #tide ocean plastic polyester yarn made of 100% rPET granules

Cords and ropes by Meister

Swiss company Meister & Cie AG has launched a special branded range of 30 products made from #tide's recycled polyester yarn: Their ropes, cords, strings and braided textiles are 100% Swiss Made. The company is committed to sustainable production and the careful use of natural resources.

#tide ocean material_Polyester yarn_Recycled PET yarn_Recycled polyester yarn

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Are you interested in our recycled polyester yarn and its multifaceted applications? The #tide yarn is made from 100% ocean-bound plastic – we don't add virgin plastic. Our material is suitable for apparel, bags, shoes, textiles & furnitures, carpets, interiors and any other project using high quality polyester textiles.

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Facts about #tide's yarn

  • Dtex

    Between 50 and 1200

  • Finishing

    dope dye, texturized and twisted

  • Polyester

    100% made from
    ocean-bound plastic